Ozark Trail at Courtois Creek

Ozark Trail
Courtois Section

The Ozark Trail Association has over 390 miles of trails. Consisting of mountains, hills, and valley filled with springs, crystal-clear streams, and waterfalls there is something for everyone to enjoy on the Ozark Trail.

Huzzah Conservation Area

Conservation Area

The Huzzah Conservation Area is located southeast of Leasburg on Hwy H. The area consists of 6,225 acres, rugged forest terrain, rapidly changing vegetation from ridge to creek bottom, bird watching, wildlife viewing, fishing, hiking, etc.

Scotia Furnace Ozark Trail

Scotia Iron
Furnace Stack

The Scotia Iron Furnace Stack, located within the Huzzah Conservation Area, was built in approximately 1870. It is believed that at one point Scotia Iron Works consisted of an engine house, a boiler house, a charcoal house, a casting house and a weighing house. From the Ozark Trail at mile 2.6 approx. 500′ south of the trail are the ruins of the smelter.

Onondaga Cave State Park

Onondaga Cave
State Park

The Onondaga Cave State Park trail system consists of 3 on site trails in Leasburg and 1 hiking trail in Bourbon off of Hwy N, near the Meramec River. *Bourbon
Blue Heron Trail 0.5 mi – Moderate
Deer Run Trail 2.5 mi – Moderate
Oak Ridge Trail 3.1 mi – Moderate
*Vilander Bluff Trail 1.3 mi – Moderate

Vilander Bluff Trail Bourbon Missouri

Vilander Bluff
Natural Area

The Vilander Bluff Trail is a part of the Onondaga Cave State Park trail system. The trail is not on site, but located in Bourbon Missouri off of Hwy N.
Vilander Bluff Trail 1.3 mi – Moderate

Hiking at Meramec State Park

State Park

The Meramec State Park trail system, in Sullivan, consists of 7 on site trails along near the Meramec River.
Bluff View Trail 1.25 mi – Moderate
Deer Hollow Trail 1.2 mi – Moderate
Hamilton Iron Works Trail 0.2 mi – Rugged
Natural Wonders Trail 1.1 mi – Moderate
River Trail 0.75 mi – Moderate
Walking Fern Trail 0.5 mi – Rugged
Wilderness Trail 8.25 mi – Rugged

Meramec Conservation Area

Conservation Area

The Meramec Conservation Area is located in southern Franklin County, from Sullivan take Hwy 185 S. There is much to explore including a .1-mile Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) trail, a 1.3-mile disabled accessible trail, a 5.5-mile hiking trail and a 10.5-mile multiple-use trail. Historic sites include the town of Reedville, the first state nursery, CCC Camp 2728, Lone Hill fire lookout tower, and old mines.

Hiking at Maramec Spring Park

Spring Park

The Maramec Spring Park in St. James Missouri is privately owned and operated by The James Foundation. The beautiful park has 200 acres of public use area providing many amenities and activities for visitors such as a cafe, store, wildlife viewing, fish feeding, picnicking, shelters, playgrounds, fishing, and hiking.

Hiking Tips

  • Be prepared for emergencies by bringing a first-aid kit, flashlight, and whistle.

  • Wear comfortable, sturdy shoes and clothing that is appropriate for the weather.

  • Bring a map and compass and learn how to use them.

  • Always bring plenty of water and snacks, and make sure to stay hydrated and nourished.

  • Tell someone where you’re going and when you plan to return.

  • Be aware of your surroundings and watch for wildlife.

  • Take your time and enjoy the experience.